Second Generation
Family of Herbert Simms Kimble (1) & Martha W. (Patsy) Farmer
2. Susan Cheatham Kimble9. Born on 18 Feb 1840 in Tennessee, USA.10 Susan Cheatham died in Adairville, Logan, Kentucky, USA, on 30 Dec 1872; she was 32.
On 3 Oct 1861 when Susan Cheatham was 21, she married Demarcus Green Simmons in Montgomery, Tennessee, USA.11 Born on 20 Mar 1836 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA. Demarcus Green died in Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, USA, on 1 Sep 1921; he was 85.
They had the following children:
Lennie June12.
Born on 23 Nov 1862 in Kentucky, USA.13
Born on 16 Aug 1865 in Tennessee, USA.15
Frank G (1867-<1920)
3. Junius Kimble16. Born on 1 Apr 1842 in Tennessee, USA.17,18 Junius died in Eastland, Eastland, Texas, USA, on 4 Apr 1911; he was 69.19,20,21
Junius (June) Jr. (1890-1961)
4. Richard H. Kimble22. Born in 1845 in Tennessee, USA.23
Richard H. married Fannie M. McCrary24. Born in 1855 in Tennessee, USA.25
They had the following children:
Lloyd Richard (1875-1937)
Lester (1877-)
Born in Nov 1879 in Texas, USA.27,28
5. Edwin Walker Kimble29. Born on 29 Apr 1860 in Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, USA. Edwin Walker died in Gorman, Eastland, Texas, USA, on 17 Mar 1948; he was 87.
On 29 Apr 1890 when Edwin Walker was 30, he married Mary Frank (Frankie) Shelton. Born on 20 Nov 1865 in Texas, USA. Mary Frank (Frankie) died in Gorman, Eastland, Texas, USA, on 20 Dec 1959; she was 94.
They had one child:
John Shelton (1902-1972)
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