First Generation
1. Augustine Blackburn Hardin Sr., Signer, Texas Declaration of Independence. Born on 18 Jul 1797 in Franklin, Georgia.1 Augustine Blackburn died in Liberty, Texas, on 22 Jul 1871; he was 74. Buried in Hardin Family Cemetery, Liberty, Texas.2
On 9 Feb 1828 when Augustine Blackburn was 30, he first married Maria Dever, daughter of Philip P. Dever & Mary "Polly" Yocum, in Liberty, Texas.1 Born in 1807 in Tennessee. Maria died in Liberty City, Liberty, Texas, in 1844; she was 37.3
They had the following children:
Allen Brown.
Born on 8 Jan 1829 in Liberty City, Liberty, Texas.3 Allen Brown died in Liberty City, Liberty, Texas, on 30 Oct 1829; he was <1.
Sanders Augustine (1830-1889)
Jerusha (1834-1883)
Sarah Ann.
Born on 17 May 1836 in Louisiana. Sarah Ann died in Williams, Coconino, Arizona, on 14 Apr 1913; she was 76.
Cornelia (1836-1883)
Sarah H (1839-1871)
Swan (1843-1901)
In 1819 when Augustine Blackburn was 21, he second married Mary Elizabeth Garner. Born in 1800 in Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth died on 6 Feb 1853; she was 53.3
They had one child: