Third Generation (Continued)
Family of Harriet Elizabeth Grimes (3) & Albert George Perry
13. Eugenia PERRY44. Born abt 1840 in PERRY'S LANDING, Texas.45 Eugenia died in PERRY'S LANDING, Texas, abt 1869; she was 29.
In 1855 when Eugenia was 15, she married James MCDONALD JR. Born on 28 Oct 1828 in Alabama. James died in Tyler, Texas, in 1906; he was 77.
They had the following children:
Born abt 1856.
Born abt 1856.
Born abt 1858.
Born abt 1860.
Sarah (Sadie) (1862-1942)
Martha Eugenia (1869-1941)
14. Emma Diantha PERRY46. Born on 11 Nov 1845. Buried in Beulah Cemetery, Falls Co., Texas. Emma Diantha died in FALLS CO., Texas, on 29 Sep 1919; she was 73.
On 1 Oct 1868 when Emma Diantha was 22, she married James Eldridge TOMLINSON in Falls County, Texas. Born on 11 Jan 1843 in Conecuh County, AL. James Eldridge died in FALLS CO. Texas, on 29 Apr 1888; he was 45.
They had the following children:
William Augustus (1869-1932)
James Eldridge.
Born on 5 Jan 1871. James Eldridge died in Globe, AZ, on 10 Sep 1910; he was 39.46
Albert Perry.
Born in 1872. Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas. Albert Perry died in 1955; he was 83.
On 18 Dec 1898 when Albert Perry was 26, he married Bennie Etheridge. Born in 1857.
Mary Eliza (1875-)
15. Harriett Grimes (Hattie) PERRY.
In Dec 1873 Harriett Grimes (Hattie) married Samuel JOHNSON. Born in 1857 in AUTAUGA, ALABAMA.
They had one child:
16. Albert Emmett Perry47. Born in 1853 in Falls County, Texas, USA.48 Albert Emmett died in Benson, Cochise, Arizona, on 17 Jan 1899; he was 46.49
On 22 Feb 1891 when Albert Emmett was 38, he married Minnie Fenter in Harshaw, Santa Cruz, Arizona.50 Born on 12 May 1871 in Benson, Cochise, Arizona.50 Minnie died in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, on 14 Mar 1929; she was 57.50
They had the following children:
Glen Emmett.
Born on 20 Dec 1891 in Harshaw, Pima, Arizona.51 Glen Emmett died in Prescott, Arizona, on 13 Apr 1962; he was 70.49
On 31 Mar 1940 when Glen Emmett was 48, he married Ima Mayfield in Yarnell, Maricopa, Arizona.52
Guy L.
Born on 7 Dec 1893 in Florence, Pima, Arizona.53 Guy L died in Tuscon, Arizona, on 10 Feb 1967; he was 73.49
Guy L married Della Hummel in Nogales, Arizona.52
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