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Gone to Texas


Instructional Objective (4th Grade)
  1. The student will learn about the accomplishments of Stephen F. Austin and Moses Austin as empresarios.
  2. The student will understand how settlers were made aware of land in Texas.
  3. The student will understand how Mexico's independence from Spain impacted settlement in Texas. (cause and effect)
  4. The students will understand why Mexico’s independence from Spain delayed colonization.
TEKS SOCIAL STUDIES History (4.2.D, 4.2.E) The student understands the causes and effects of European colonization of Texas by identifying the accomplishments of Moses Austin and Stephen F. Austin as empresarios and can identify their impact on the colonization of Texas. The student can identify the impact of Mexico’s independence from Spain as it relates to settlement in Texas.and the impact of Mexico’s independence from Spain on the events of Texas.

Materials Resources Getting Ready for the Lesson Background information:1. Stephen F. Austin was the first and most important empresario in Texas. 2. Stephen F. Austin’s father Moses Austin is the reason he become interested in colonizing Texas with Anglo-Americans. Preparation of the Learning EnvironmentThe teacher should show the students the picture of the broadside from the Resource section of this lesson plan, or download it from the website and print a copy for each student. The teacher should also supply the student with information as detailed in the Explanation section.TEACHING PROCEDURE:MotivationTell each student to imagine he/she is an empresario who wants to encourage colonists to move to Texas. Although Texas is a beautiful place, have them remember that it is not a perfect place. Those who were encouraging others to move to Texas often made it sound better than it really was. Ask the students to think of some facts about Texas in the 1800’s that the empresarios may NOT have chosen to advertise. (Unfriendly Indians, hot weather, drought, land grants given too slowly) As the students look at the broadside, ask them to notice how potential immigrants were persuaded to come to Texas. (Need for assistance in Texas, free passage)ExplanationStudents will discuss what they learned about living in Texas at the time when Texas was owned by Mexico after reading in their textbooks and any other resource the teacher may have. Discuss the following information:1. Land grants included: 2. Costs included: 3. Stephen F. Austin advertised for colonists in newspapers mainly in southern states because of the similar climates.4. Mexico had requirements for the new citizens. Lead the class in a brainstorming activity of words and phrases to be used in the student’s broadside that would lure people to move Texas. Write the words and phrases on the board. Examples would be "thousands of acres" or "rivers filled with fish."PracticeThe students will create their own advertisement (broadside) that will entice settlers to come to live in Texas. With the supplies provided, have them use some of the descriptive words and phrases from the brainstorming activity as well as facts from the Explanation section.ExtensionPretend you lived in Texas in 1830. Write a letter to a family member telling them why you they love living in Texas and why they should move there as well.AssessmentEvaluate their broadsides or letters by correct facts, legibility, and creativity.Hang the completed broadsides around the classroom.Have the class vote on the most persuasive ad.