Star of the Republic Museum

Star of the Republic Museum Collection

The Star of the Republic Museum’s collection is unique and irreplaceable, and includes three dimensional artifacts, as well as prints, maps, paintings, original manuscripts, rare books, and early historic documents, primarily from the Republic period. Where else can a person see the oldest known Lone Star Flag (ca. 1839); the only remaining copy of the Tarantula, a newspaper published in Washington, Texas; personal letters from Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston; or a walking stick which belonged to Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas?

Library and Archives

The Museum maintains a research library of over 3,000 volumes, 25 magazine and journal subscriptions, and over 100 microfilms. Published primary source material is well represented. The library contains 19th and 20th century materials on Texas history including many rare volumes of Texana. The library also contains publications on museum procedures and practices, and artifact care and identification. The library may be utilized during weekday visiting hours, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The archives, manuscript, and map collections comprise additional research materials, and are accessible by appointment only. No materials from the library or archives may be checked out to the public. They are only available for use within the facility.

Search the Collection

Thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, some of the museum collection can now be viewed online. Click here to access the Museum’s collection at the University of North Texas’ Portal to Texas History.


Collections Management Policy

The Collections Management Policy governs the manner in which portable cultural materials are managed while in the custody of the Star of the Republic Museum. It is the guiding document used in the course of determining and implementing policies and procedures respecting the Museum collection, the philosophy and actions of the Museum, its employees, and Agents in the defining policy for acquisitions, deaccessions, loans, care of the collections, records, security, and risk management.

Code of Ethics

Administered by Blinn College, a Texas state community college, the Star of the Republic Museum endorses and upholds the highest ideals and concepts of ethical and professional practices.  To promote public trust, high standards of operation and behavior are necessary at all levels of the Museum. Those personal and professional standards and commitments are defined in the Blinn College Ethics and Personnel Policy.

Image Usage Statement

•As an educational institution, the Star of the Republic Museum permits images on this website to be downloaded and reproduced for personal, educational, or non-commercial use without permission, provided credit is given to the Star of the Republic Museum, Blinn College. To receive a high resolution TIFF image on a CD, an Image Usage Request must be completed.

• Images on this website or the Museum's collection at the University of North Texas' Portal to Texas History may not be used on any other website or electronic media without prior permission from the Star of the Republic Museum. Website usage is considered commercial use.

• Commercial use of any image is prohibited without prior permission from the Star of the Republic Museum. Commercial requests for use of an image should be submitted using the Image Usage Request. Upon receiving the Image Usage Request, the Museum will send an Image Usage Agreement and fee schedule to the applicant. A high-resolution TIFF image on a CD will be mailed to the applicant after the Image Usage Agreement has been signed and returned to the Museum. Due to the large file sizes, images will not be sent via e-mail. The Museum will provide appropriate credit information for each requested image. An invoice and permission statement will be included, however permission is not officially granted until all fees are paid in full.

• Texas residents and businesses will be charged 6.75% sales tax on materials. Non-profit organizations must complete and submit an exemption form, or sales tax will be applied to their order.

• Intellectual Property Policy:
The Museum maintains strict control over the right to reproduce images from its collection:
• To protect and preserve the Museum’s copyright of its photography of the permanent collection
• To ensure quality reproductions faithful the original image
• To avoid undesirable associations with particular commercial products or organizations
• To preserve the integrity of items in the Museum collection.

Notice to Students
You may not use, copy or rewrite sections of this website and claim them as your own work. In addition to copyright infringement, such acts constitute plagiarism and are forbidden by all educational institutions. You may, however, quote portions of this website and use images contained therein, provided you expressly credit the Star of the Republic Museum, Blinn College as your source.


The Museum is a two-story contemporary building, the first level of which is in the shape of a five-pointed Texas star, and is faced with native limestone. The pentagon-shaped second level is reached by a gradual rising circular ramp from the first level, and is also accessible via elevator. A large observation deck off the second floor provides views of the surrounding Park.

A 4700 square foot collections storage and management building includes a conservation lab, vented paint room, and mechanical workshop.  The new HVAC system provides environmental controls of 50% humidity and 70° temperature for the exhibit and collection areas, based on a chilled water system with humidity controls.