As the museum’s collection continued to grow, the physical space within the museum became too small. In order to rectify this problem, in the mid–1990s, the museum underwent an expansion project in which an addition was added to the building.
This new space included a collection storage area, conservation lab, work room and a curator’s office. Not only did this area allow for the museum’s collections to be stored in an improved environment, it also provided space for future growth.
During this time, planning began for a major renovation of the museum’s galleries. The first stage of this renovation was the addition of the Showers–Brown Discovery Room, an interactive environment within the museum for children.
The room provides children with a more informal learning environment with hands–on activities. This area is still a favorite of many of the museum’s young visitors.
This decade also saw the museum produce many quality exhibits. Several more of these exhibits won awards from the Texas Historical Commission.